CPL Laboratory offers only the best in Medical-aesthetic skincare products.

Private Label Packaging and Design

CPL Laboratory offers quality private labelling services for all sized customers. Minimums order are small because we know the challenges you face. We offer a comprehensive private labelling process, from assisting in labelling design and packaging selection, to quality product. Private labelling with CPL Laboratory is a quick and painless process as our experienced staff can guide you through every step of the process. CPL Laboratory program gives to the small businesses a chance to private label their own skin care line with as low of 5 Bottles minimum.

Take a look at our most popular formulations that will be our stock formulat.  Choose a products that is listed in the section store products , once you have chosen we will be adding your company information. We offer all the products prepackaged.  *However, you can change the packaging.  There will be a one-time $25.00 package change fee per product, and 50 unit minimum each time you order this product*


CPL Laboratory understands that good packaging is as important as the product itself. For this reason, we offer our customers upscale packaging that will stand out from the competition. Graphic design and product package are key components of a successful product and we can guarantee the satisfaction of the package and design requirements of each customers. We will create your label for no extra cost. Contact CPL Laboratory sales representative to have more informations.

Custom Labeling

Our Cosmetic Private Label Laboratory manufacturers engineer a value-based custom packaging solution that guarantees safe delivery of your personal care goods. We offer packaging design, assembly, and custom labeling solutions compliant with industry standards with the ability to meet any deadline, no matter how complex the manufacturing job may be.

CPL Laboratory company is dedicated to providing high quality private label cosmetic packaging solutions that satisfy even the most challenging specifications:

  • Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Refinement
  • Eye Treatment
  • Cleansers & Toners
  • Facial Serums
  • Cellulite Treatment & Body Sculpting
  • Men's Beard Care


The technology used allows targeted distribution of active ingredients into each layer of skin


100% natural and vegan


Natural and boosted with organic certified ingredients to preserve our environment and its ecosystem